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Busy Busy!


Things have been super busy these days. And I won’t deny, it’s been stressful, too . Even for me, (who’s typically pretty “chill”, as the kids say), stress is sometimes unavoidable. I get through it.

So what’s a good way to deal with being overworked and stressed?

Make more work by drawing pictures about it. 😉

I’m Back!

mel-picIt’s been a while!

I have been absent from the blogging for some time now. The reasons are too boring to go into detail about but I do hope to keep this updated regularly.

A lot of gone on in the past 12 or so months but I won’t bore you with that, either.

What you can probably expect from this blog is a plethora of awesomeness. I will not let you down. It’s going to be pretty special. You just watch.