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Artist Appreciation: Duane Bryers


There are so many artists whose work I adore. One of those artists is Duane Bryers. Specifically his Hilda series.

I discovered Hilda a few years ago and each time I come across images of her, I just can’t help but smile. As far as characters go, Hilda is fantastic. She has a generous figure and she’s ok with that. She’s a little clumsy and just plain adorable.

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Link: America’s Forgotten Pin-Up Girl


Kristen Schaal

schallKristen Schaal. Is there anything she can’t do? I believe she comes from a planet of Kristen Schaals—all of whom she has vaporized with her ray gun…because she is Kristen Schaal.




Gilda likes sweet breads, long walks on the beach and star trek.