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One Tough Mutha



I guess this place looks a little empty, eh? *tumbleweed blows by*

Winter seems so far away, yet we’re still cowering from Mother Nature’s 2015 wrath.

Speaking of mothers, I thought I’d post this doodle I did of my Mom for Mother’s Day. It illustrates her determination and stubbornness.

She went through a lot of hurdles with her health over the past year after breaking her hip and she is still as determined as ever to kick the shit out of each and every day. Determined and stubborn. Each ‘get up and go’ has its set backs and I’ve leaned that no matter my age or what I know is best for her, she is just going to go ahead and do whatever the hell she wants to do.

Some people who break their hip will just lay down and die. And then there’s my Mutha.



Artist Appreciation: Duane Bryers


There are so many artists whose work I adore. One of those artists is Duane Bryers. Specifically his Hilda series.

I discovered Hilda a few years ago and each time I come across images of her, I just can’t help but smile. As far as characters go, Hilda is fantastic. She has a generous figure and she’s ok with that. She’s a little clumsy and just plain adorable.

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Link: America’s Forgotten Pin-Up Girl